There is nothing worse than waiting around for your military discharge documents when you absolutely need them yesterday. 


Even just a few days can seem like forever when you need your DD214 to purchase a new home, apply for health care benefits, or take advantage of countless other opportunities exclusively for veterans. 


At DD214Direct, we understand the urgency, which is why we developed a formula to get your DD214 in the fastest way possible.


Based on more than 30,000 customer experiences, DD214Direct created a unique algorithm that tells us exactly where to find your records. And, because we know what questions to ask from the start, our team always has information necessary to expedite your request. 


On top of that, we send requests to multiple locations simultaneously, meaning we don’t just send your records request to one location and wait around for a reply telling us it’s not there before we check somewhere else. 


This simple step helps us guarantee the fastest return, which is our ultimate goal. 



So how long will it take to get my DD214?


Depending on when you served, your branch of service, and the date you were discharged, we can often send you a scanned copy of your DD214 via email within 3 to 10 business days, and a hard copy shortly after. 


In some cases, we can even get your DD214 faster, but this is entirely dependent on where your records are located.


Do you only track down DD214s or do you also search for other documents?


In addition to DD214s, we can also locate and retrieve the following documents:


  • DD215
  • DD256
  • NGB22/NGB23
  • NAVPERS 1070/615
  • CRCR
  • Military record files
  • Medical records
  • Points statements


Not sure which document do you need? Find your answer here.


If you can’t locate my records but I’ve already paid the fee, do you have a refund policy?


Yes, as long as the date and branch of service information provided is correct and the individual truly did serve. You may also request a refund for any reason as long as it’s within 24 hours of your purchase. 


In all other cases, refunds will be considered if the document is not provided to the client within seven days of the estimated return date as specified in our fulfillment timeline. (Note: Refunds will not be issued in the event that a government agency provides written notice that there is no record of military service.)


Veteran-owned DD214Direct can help you get the documents you need, when you need them.


Our cutting-edge technology platform and keen knowledge of government protocol and procedure allow us to deliver your documents faster than competitors. We physically stand in line at the records repository and manually coordinate your order, freeing up your time and easing your worries about whether or not you will get your DD214. Much like paying a small fee to have your taxes done by a professional, DD214Direct provides the service and convenience you’ve been hoping for, plus we make it a lot easier.


Instead of having to download, print, sign and fax your document request form, you can submit your order directly through our website with the ease of e-signature technology from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Once we locate your DD214, we will email you a copy immediately—a service not offered by the government. And tracking your request through us is simple, so you never have to worry about long hold times and inconclusive answers.


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