Being in the military is hard.

Finding a job after you leave can be even harder. One of the biggest setbacks for veterans seeking employment after discharge< is that a lot of companies and hiring managers still have a hard time understanding them. Misconceptions abound regarding the education status and skill set of veterans, and businesses often overlook how core military values can translate to career success—not to mention learned qualities such as leadership, teamwork and discipline.

The good news is that a growing number of corporations are beginning to see the appeal of applicants making the transition from military service. This is especially true in certain fields such as information technology, cyber security, health care and construction, and in 2017 the veteran unemployment rate reached an all-time low (3.7 percent).

If you were recently discharged, or will be in the near future, below is a list of some of the top civilian jobs for veterans and their average annual salaries.

Construction Project Manager

Overseeing the life cycle of a construction project requires numerous different skills ranging from cost estimation, budgeting and scheduling to ensuring on-site safety and collaborating with clients and project specialists. Accustomed to multi-tasking and thinking on their feet, veterans are a great fit for this position.  Average salary: $100,660 .

Emergency Medical Technician

EMTs are typically the first to respond to medical emergencies and are trained to provide immediate (non-invasive) medical care to patients at the scene and on the way to a hospital or other health care facility. The Veteran Emergency Medical Technician Support Act of 2016 helps transitioning veterans get the training necessary to become a licensed EMT. Average salary: $33,380.

Intelligence Analyst

Veterans are no strangers to keeping their country safe, which is what intelligence analysts do on a daily basis. They are tasked with gathering and examining all available data on a topic or an individual or group of people to assess whether or not there exists a threat to national security. Average salary: $66,931 .

Management Consultant

From small businesses to multinational corporations, companies are always looking for ways to improve performance so they can save time and money. Management consultants help them do this by researching and applying proven strategies to help businesses run more efficiently. Average salary: $84,960.


With the current shortage of pilots in the United States, airlines are beginning to see the value in hiring military veterans to fill the open positions. Programs like Forces to Flyers are even helping veterans acquire the necessary certifications—at no cost to them—to become commercial pilots. Average salary: $69,022.

Software Engineer

Tech jobs like software engineering are a big draw for veterans who can put their critical thinking skills to work writing, editing and testing computer programs that can be used across a broad range of industries. Industry leaders such as Dell, Hewlett Packard, SpaceX and others are committed to hiring more veterans, and the trend is likely to continue.  Average salary: $100,080

As you begin your job search, be prepared to provide proof of service.

Most veterans will be asked to provide proof of service (and honorable discharge) at some point during the application process. Typically, this involves showing prospective employers a copy of your DD214, also known as your Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. Your DD214 is especially important for employers because it has a lot to say about your military education and experience as well as your personal character, but what happens if you don’t have yours?

We hear from a lot of veterans whose DD214s were never received, lost, damaged or stolen, and we have made it our mission to locate them as quickly as possible.

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