After the joy and relief of discharge day, most veterans understand the need to get down to business—literally. Ensuring a successful transition back to civilian life means checking a few key boxes on their to-do lists, and one of the most important tasks is finding employment. Fortunately, two things are happening right now that are making that easier for veterans to find a job.

The U.S. Military is making career training a priority.

Recognizing the importance of helping service members succeed even after they leave the armed forces, the U.S. military is investing in training opportunities to help veterans get jobs on the outside. One example is the Renewable Energy and Communications Tower Technician Program , offered through the Fort Benning Career Skills Program (CSP).

Launched in partnership with Airstreams Renewables, Inc., the 28-day course provides the tools and instruction necessary to help veterans find jobs in wind energy and related fields. According to a U.S. Army press release announcing the training in August, the Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts wind technician jobs will see significant growth (as high as 108 percent) through 2024.

“We started out transitioning civilians to soldiers; now we want to transition these experienced soldiers to be civilians again with good-paying jobs,” Deputy Garrison Commander George Steuber was quoted in the release. “We're going to make sure that when you go on and you are done with your active-duty career that there is another career out there that is equally competitive and productive in the civilian economy.”

Private companies are actively seeking veterans (and their unique skills)

Companies across the country are slowly starting to discard their negative assumptions about hiring veterans and seek out former service members specifically for the valuable skills they possess. However, many employers have known for years the benefits of hiring men and women with military experience—a prime example being the logistics industry.

Simply put, logistics deals with all of the unique moving parts involved in running a business or organization, often with regard to moving products or services from one location to another. Employment opportunities in the logistics industry include postal service jobs, transportation jobs, and warehousing and storage jobs.

Because logistical strategy is such an integral part of life in the military, veterans are uniquely equipped for employment within the logistics industry. From planning training exercises for to coordinating the acquisition and delivery of needed supplies, service members no doubt have spent more time thinking about logistics than most civilians. Add to that the high level of accountability inherent in logistics positions—since there is always someone waiting on the end deliverable—and it is obvious why veterans have what it takes to succeed in the industry.

Google is among those companies making veteran employment a priority.

The technology giant Google is joining the ranks of other companies who are making it a priority to help veterans find employment after their service has ended. In August, they announced the addition of a new search engine feature that allows users to search “jobs for veterans” and then enter their military job codes (MOS, AFSC, NEC, etc.) to match them with positions requiring those same skills. Veteran-owned businesses will also be highlighted by the Google Maps feature. With a $2.5 million grant to the United Service Organizations (USO), Google is also making it possible for veterans and military spouses to receiveIT training and certification as part of its “Grow with Google” career services program.

Starting your job search? Make sure you have a copy of your DD214 handy.

Managing life after discharge can be a bit of a challenge, especially in those first few weeks and months when finding employment is a top priority. Making sure you have a copy of your DD214 on hand will make things easier when it comes time to show proof of service. If you never received your discharge form, or if it was lost, stolen or damaged, count on the document location experts at to simplify the process.

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