Now more than ever, making sure you have the paperwork necessary to obtain your veteran benefits is critical. Here in the United States, the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact life as we know it, and many individuals—including countless veterans—are struggling to make ends meet financially.

In an effort to help ease their burden so they can focus on their health and safety during this time, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has made the decision to extend debt relief for veterans adversely affected by COVID-19 through the end of the year. That means all collection actions are suspended and existing repayment agreements will be extended through December 31, 2020. In a recent news release, VA Secretary Robert Wilkie recognized that these are challenging times for many veterans and said the decision was made to provide greater flexibility for those with pending debts.

Keep your DD214 handy in case you need it to show eligibility.

Personal finances can be difficult enough to manage for most people. For veterans, there is the added step of making sure you have the right documentation in case you need to provide proof of service and honorable discharge (to show you are eligible for benefits). In most cases, this means producing a copy of your DD214.

Who Needs a DD214?

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If you have incurred debt as the result of your participation in a VA compensation program, this recent extension likely comes as welcome news. But even if you haven't, and you are thinking about applying for education assistance, pension benefits, or another VA program, it is important to have your paperwork in order to avoid any unnecessary delays.

Veteran-owned DD214Direct helps you get the documents you need, when you need them.

Our cutting-edge technology platform and keen knowledge of government protocol and procedure allow us to deliver your documents faster than you could get them on your own. First, we digitize both your request and the returned documents, using electronic signatures to avoid extra time with the postal service. We also integrate email and fax throughout our entire process, while many agencies do not.

To further expedite the process, our team ensures your initial request is filled out properly the first time and includes the necessary supporting documentation so that it doesn't bounce back. In addition, we break up multiple requests (DD214, OMPF, etc.) so that each piece is handled separately and one does not delay the other.

Once your request is processed, DD214Direct becomes your personal advocate, working directly with the agency that holds your records (currently there are about 75 independent agencies) and immediately responding to any agency issues on your behalf. In many cases, DD214Direct is able to advance your request to a higher-priority workflow. Finally, we have team members at many locations to drop off and pick up documents.

Much like paying a small fee to have your taxes done by a professional, DD214Direct provides the service and convenience you’ve been hoping for, plus we make it a lot easier. Once we locate your DD214, we can email you a copy immediately—a service not offered by the government. And tracking your request through us is simple, so you never have to worry about long hold times and inconclusive answers.

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