Our Services

  • Discharge Document Retrieval

    DD214Direct specializes in finding and delivering copies of important military records. If you served in the United States Armed Forces, National Guard, or Reserves and need a copy of your discharge documentation, DD214Direct is the fastest way to get what you need. We can track down and find your:

    • DD214/DD215
    • NGB22/NGB23
    • DD256
    • NAVPERS 1070/615
    • NA FORM 13038
    • US Marine Corps Statement of Service
  • OMPF Retrieval

    Your official military personnel file (OMPF) contains a detailed record of your entire military career, complete with photographs, service documents, correspondence, and in some cases even medical records. The team at DD214Direct can find and acquire your OMPF so you can have this valuable piece of history.
  • Points Statement Retrieval

    DD214Direct can also locate retirement points statements for Army, Air Force, Marine Corps, and Navy Reserve members as well as Army and Air National Guard members. This includes the DA5016 (or Chronological Statement of Retirement Points) for Army Reservists and the CRCR (Career Retirement Credit Report) for Marine Corps Reservists.
  • County Recorder Filing

    Filing a replacement copy of your discharge paperwork with your county recorder or local registrar’s office ensures it will always be available there if you need another copy. This also enables veterans to get a “certified true copy” from the county if needed. Our team can easily take care of this for you! Get more details here.

Why do we charge for each service?

While we love what we do, DD214Direct is still a business. That means we have employees, many of them United States veterans like you, who deserve to be paid for their hard work.

Our dedicated staff works hard each day taking your calls, enhancing our website, improving our security, ensuring our technology is up to date, and of course doing the rigorous work of locating and securing your military service records from repositories across the country.

Not only that, but individuals who choose to expedite their paperwork with DD214Direct derive a significant financial benefit from our services. In the vast majority of cases, obtaining their service records faster results in veterans getting hundreds or thousands of dollars they otherwise would not receive, or would have to wait several months to get. Paying a small fee ensures their money and/or benefits are not delayed or lost permanently.

As a small business, we do our best to keep our prices low and stay competitive, and we stand behind the value we provide for the fees we charge.