Though nearly impossible nowadays in our modern digital age, there was a time when a lot of young recruits <a href="">lied about their age</a> so they could enlist in the United States Armed Forces. 


Decades later, while very few individuals regret their decision to enter the military under false pretenses, it can create logistical problems when they need to present their DD214 so they can obtain veteran benefits. Not only that, but having a correct discharge form is necessary for the family members of deceased veterans to ensure certain burial benefits are provided. 


The good news is that you can <a href="">submit a request to change</a> the date of birth on your discharge paperwork and, if approved, you will be issued a DD Form 215 that contains the correct information. 


<h2>What is a DD215? </h2>


A DD215 is essentially the same thing as a DD214, only it has been revised to fix one or more mistakes that may have appeared on your original separation document. According to the National Personnel Records Center (NPRC):


"A clerical error made on a DD Form 214 (or predecessor form) at the time of the creation of the document may be corrected by NPRC, if evidence is found in the record or, in limited cases, if satisfactory evidence is provided ... A correction is usually made by issuing DD Form 215, not by issuing a new DD Form 214."


The following is a list of things categorized as "clerical errors" by the NPRC.



<li>Misspelled name</li>

<li>Wrong initial(s)</li>

<li>Reversed first and middle name</li>

<li>Reversed first and last name</li>

<li>Nickname cited rather than full legal name</li>

<li>Name change (if not changed after separation)</li>

<li>Incorrect date of birth</li>

<li>Transposed digits of social security number or service number</li>

<li>Information regarding medals.</li>



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