Whether you’re a veteran planning your own funeral or a family member of a deceased veteran, there are a few important things to know when ordering a veterans headstone.

While the Department of Veterans Affairs does provide free headstones, markers and medallions for eligible deceased veterans, there are some criteria that must be met.

  • Eligible veterans who died on or after November 1, 1990 may receive a military headstone or marker, regardless of whether their grave is already marked by a private marker.
  • Eligible veterans who died before November 1, 1990 and whose grave is unmarked may receive a military headstone or marker.
  • Memorial military headstones or markers are available for veterans who remains have not been recovered or identified, were buried at sea, donated to science, or cremated and the remains scattered.
  • Medallions are available to eligible veterans if preferred over a headstone or marker.

How does a veteran’s family prove eligibility?

Answer: By submitting a CLAIM FOR STANDARD GOVERNMENT HEADSTONE OR MARKER (Form 40-1330) to the VA, along with a death certificate and a copy of the veteran’s DD-214 Form.

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