As many veterans already know, several states show their gratitude to active duty and honorably discharged service members by making the process of acquiring a gun or concealed carry permit a little easier.

For instance:

  • Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas are all states that offer waived or discounted gun licensing fees to eligible veterans.
  • Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Maryland, Montana, New Mexico, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, West Virginia and Wisconsin all allow qualified veterans to either take fewer hours of required firearms training courses or skip them all together, depending on the state.
  • Maine, Missouri, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Texas have lowered the legal age for gun and/or concealed carry permits to 18 for qualified veterans only.
  • Florida is the only state so far that actually expedites the process of granting concealed carry permits to veterans.

But in order to take advantage of these well-deserved benefits, you have to be able to prove eligibility, which is why having a valid DD-214 that indicates an honorable discharge can make the process of obtaining a gun/CC permit so much easier!

But if you don’t have it, waiting for eVetRecs to retrieve it for free can take weeks . . . even months! Not only do you have to download forms and print them out, but then you have to mail them in and wait for return mail. Do you really want to wait that long to get your permit?

Luckily, can usually deliver your DD-214 days in a fraction of the time it takes eVetRecs! You can take care of the entire transaction online and our competitive lets you decide just how quickly you need it. (Email and fax delivery available!)

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