The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loans and Housing Related Assistance Program is one of the most important benefits offered to military families. Since it was first established, it has helped more than 22 million veterans, active-duty servicemembers and their families find homes and ensure a smooth transition back to civilian life.

Not only does the VA home loan program offer purchase loans to buy or build a new house, condominium or manufactured home, but it also allows for eligible veterans to refinance their existing mortgage loans and borrow cash from their home equity for larger purchases.

But first, you will need a copy of your DD214.

Providing a Certificate of Eligibility (COE) is one of the first steps you’ll take to begin the home loan application process, but to do so you will need to produce a copy of your DD214. If you search for it and realize you never received your DD214 or that it is missing or damaged, you will need to order a new copy before completing your home loan application.

Good news: You can get your DD214 online quickly from

In just a few minutes, you can complete the simple three-step process from your mobile device or home computer and we can begin processing your request that same day. And, if you want your DD214 to arrive faster than our standard delivery times so you don’t miss out on the perfect home, you can even choose our expedited service option.

Or, you can begin your request through the National Archives online system.

While this service is free, it does require you to download and print a form, for which you will need to have Adobe Acrobat Reader software. You will then need to fill out and fax or mail your request form to the National Personnel Records Center in St. Louis, Missouri.

Keep in mind that it may take significantly longer to retrieve your military service records through the National Archives. They receive between 4,000 and 5,000 requests per day, and they ask that veterans refrain from following up until at least 90 days have passed since their initial request.

Veteran-owned DD214Direct helps you get the documents you need, when you need them.

Our cutting-edge technology platform and keen knowledge of government protocol and procedure allow us to deliver your documents faster than competitors. We physically stand in line at the records repository and manually coordinate your order, freeing up your time and easing your worries about whether or not you will get your DD214. Much like paying a small fee to have your taxes done by a professional, DD214Direct provides the service and convenience you’ve been hoping for, plus we make it a lot easier.

Instead of having to download, print, sign and fax your document request form, you can submit your order directly through our website with the ease of e-signature technology from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Once we locate your DD214, we will email you a copy immediately—a service not offered by the government. And tracking your request through us is simple, so you never have to worry about long hold times and inconclusive answers.

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