Global security and aerospace technology leader Lockheed Martin Corporation understands the value of hiring veterans; one in every five of its employees has served in the United States military. So it came as no surprise recently when the company partnered with Veterans Florida to help boost veteran employment and propel job growth in the Sunshine State.

The announcement was welcome news for Florida-based veterans—and those looking to relocate there—who recently started their civilian job search. Lockheed will work with Veterans Florida to assist in the expansion of its Career Services Program, which matches individual skills and employment goals with veteran-friendly employers looking to hire.

Why the Sunshine State?

Florida has the third-largest veteran population in the country, behind only California and Texas. It offers some notable benefits for veterans looking to put down roots in the South, including hiring preference for government jobs and a full tuition waiver at state universities, community colleges, and career and technical training facilities for vets who received a Purple Heart or higher combat decoration.

The state was also ranked #1 for retired military veterans, and a recent WalletHub survey listed Tampa and Orlando among the top 10 best cities for veterans based on livability, affordability and veteran-friendliness.

Lockheed loves veterans (and it shows).

In its fourth annual Best Companies for Veterans list, released in November of 2018, online employment site listed Lockheed Martin as one of the “top 10 employers demonstrating extraordinary success in veteran hiring and retention.”

Headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland, Lockheed Martin maintains over a dozen facilities in Florida, which is home to more than 1.5 million former U.S. servicemembers. The company has plans to expand its workforce and is especially interested in the unique skill set and experience that veterans bring to the job market.

“Lockheed Martin is excited to partner with Veterans Florida and build a strong workforce that can compete in today’s modern economy and reflects our dedication to creating economic opportunity for veterans in communities across Florida and the United States,” said Lockheed’s Michael Williamson in a recent Tampa Bay Business Journal article. Williamson specifically praised the leadership, skills and mission-focused mindset of veterans.

What’s the first step?

Employment opportunities like those available through Veterans Florida can go a long way toward helping transitioning veterans find meaningful employment. Just be sure you have a copy of your DD Form 214 (Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty) close by when working with veteran advocacy organizations as well as potential employers.

Your DD214 is important because it shows proof of your military service and honorable discharge, and it is the form most often requested when applying for veteran-specific services and benefits. If yours is missing or damaged, or if you never received it, interested employers may move on in the time it takes you to order a copy of your DD214, so it’s best to be prepared from the start.

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