With the holidays behind us and a new year underway, it won’t be long before many of us start thinking about getting our paperwork in order and filing our tax returns in time for the April 15th deadline. Even if you keep meticulous records, preparing your 2019 tax return can be a challenge. But for military personnel, it can be even trickier, especially when you have to factor in things like combat zone tax credits, multi-state filing, and disability payments. Fortunately, help is available for veterans and military families through a variety of programs and services. The following is a list of resources to help you get the assistance you need so you can file your taxes on time and maybe even get a nice refund.

  • Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) and Tax Counseling for the Elderly (TCE): Since 2015, these programs have paired veterans, active duty servicemembers, and other eligible individuals with IRS-certified volunteers for free tax return preparation and free electronic filing. Check here to find a VITA or TCE site near you.
  • MilTax from Military OneSource and the Department of Defense: MilTax provides free tax services and e-filing for members of the U.S. Armed Forces and specializes in military-specific tax situations. You can even get personalized support from certified tax consultants.
  • IRS Free File Software: Individuals who make less than $69,000 annually can prepare their federal income tax return and file electronically for free with Free File software from the IRS (available in January 2020). You can learn more about the program here.
  • TurboTax free tax prep and filing for military personnel: According to their website, “all enlisted active duty military and reservists can file their 2019 federal and state taxes FREE with TurboTax.” Though not available to veterans, some veterans may be eligible for free filing through the TurboTax Free File Program.
  • TaxSlayer free filing: TaxSlayer also offers free filing for all active-duty military personnel. Get more information here.

Keep in mind you’ll need to show proof of service.

As with any other benefit geared toward veterans and military personnel, you’ll need to provide proof of your military service in order to take advantage of free tax preparation and filing assistance. Since you still have a few months until tax day, do yourself a favor and start compiling the paperwork you’ll need to help the process go smoothly—including a copy of your DD Form 214, or Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty. That way, if you discover that your document has been lost or damaged, you can quickly order a replacement DD214 copy with the help of DD214Direct.com.

Veteran-owned DD214Direct helps you get the documents you need, when you need them.

Our cutting-edge technology platform and keen knowledge of government protocol and procedure allow us to deliver your documents faster than competitors. We physically stand in line at the records repository and manually coordinate your order, freeing up your time and easing your worries about whether or not you will get your DD214. Much like paying a small fee to have your taxes done by a professional, DD214Direct provides the service and convenience you’ve been hoping for, plus we make it a lot easier. Instead of having to download, print, sign and fax your document request form, you can submit your order directly through our website with the ease of e-signature technology from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Once we locate your DD214, we will email you a copy immediately—a service not offered by the government. And tracking your request through us is simple, so you never have to worry about long hold times and inconclusive answers.

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