We often hear from veterans requesting a DD214 copy so they can provide proof of service in order to obtain specific benefits. However, the DD214 is just one small part of the paperwork documenting an individual’s military career. An official military personnel file (OMPF), in contrast, chronicles their entire military career, from enlistment to separation, and you can order yours today using our simple online form.

What documents are included in an OMPF?

The OMPF is a veteran’s primary administrative file. It contains a comprehensive collection of documents pertaining to their time in the service, including training, assignments, decoration, personal conduct, discipline, and more. It also contains personal data not included in a DD214. Specifically, the OMPF is where veterans will find the following information:

  • Date and type of enlistment/appointment
  • Duty stations and assignments
  • Training or qualifications completed
  • Awards or decorations received
  • Insurance information
  • Emergency data
  • Disciplinary action and administrative remarks
  • Details about separation, discharge, or retirement (including all DD214s and military discharge documents)
  • Medical records/health care information (depending on service dates)

For National Guard and Reserve members, the OMPF will also contain a military points statement, used to calculate retirement pay. Points are accrued through active service and drill periods as well as through military coursework and training.

Why order an OMPF?

There are a few reasons why a veteran or military family member may want to order an OMPF, including the following.

  • It’s easier than requesting numerous discharge documents. Many veterans served multiple tours during their military careers or left the service and returned after several years. Some also choose to join the National Guard or Reserves after their active duty commitment is fulfilled. In such cases, these individuals receive several different DD214s for each period of service, and possibly an NGB22 from the Army or Air Force National Guard and/or a DD256 or DD257 from the Reserve component of their military branch. Instead of going through the motions of ordering each discharge document individually, requesting an OMPF copy is a simple way to obtain all of their paperwork in a single request.
  • It may contain important medical history. Some OMPFs, in particular those of older or deceased veterans, will also contain information documenting their medical treatment while in the military, which may provide important health information for their living family members. Examples of medical documents that may be included in an OMPF are records of regular physical exams, dental procedures, mental health treatment, and outpatient procedures. However, clinical records containing information about hospitalizations will not be included in the OMPF. It is also important to note that the practice of filing health records along with personnel information ended in the 1990s, when HIPAA went into effect.
  • It makes for an interesting genealogy search. Many people use genealogy searches to find out more about their ancestry and family members who have passed on. Perhaps you want to know more about your late grandfather’s time in the military, or it could be that your distant relative took part in a key naval battle. Whatever the reason, OMPFs contain a vast collection of military and personal data. For example, this disciplinary document from 1937 comes from the OMPF of our co-founder’s grandfather, an Air Force private who was sentenced to six months of hard labor for misplacing his military uniform!

Can anyone request an OMPF?

Only the military veteran or their next-of-kin (i.e. surviving unremarried spouse, parent, child, or sibling) may request military service records, including a copy of the OMPF. If you are not the veteran or next-of-kin, but the veteran was discharged more than 62 years ago, their records are considered “archival records” and will be available to the public. If the veteran was discharged fewer than 62 years ago, it may still be possible to get limited information from their file. Contact veteran-owned DD214Direct today to find out more about ordering your complete OMPF for just $39 more than our Basic Express or Digital Express options. For nearly a decade, we’ve been helping veterans and military families locate and acquire their military service records quickly and without the hassle of dealing directly with the government.

Veteran-owned DD214Direct can help you get the documents you need, when you need them.

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