According to some service members, it’s one of the greatest days of their entire lives: the day they receive their DD-214 form. What many veterans see as the most rewarding, but undoubtedly the most difficult, period in their lives is over and they are free, once again, to live a civilian life.

Rightly so, a civilian life that includes certain benefits that are only accessible to veterans as long as they can show proof of service by producing their DD-214s. Only sometimes, for whatever reason, they just don’t have them.

Sometimes they’re lost in a move. Or a fire. Or even a nasty divorce. And, once in awhile, veterans just never receive them. No matter the reason, there are times in life when not having your DD-214 can leave you at a serious disadvantage.

But I can just order a copy free by contacting the National Archives or using their online service, eVetRecs, right?

Sure. Just so long as you understand that they handle up to 4,000-5,000 requests per day, don’t process the majority of them until ten days after receipt and ask that no repeat requests be sent before 90 days pass.

In a nutshell, they’re slow. And dealing with them by phone or email can be a time-sucking, frustrating ordeal, since military records are actually spread across the U.S. in over 100 different depositories; not to mention the fact that National Archives’ agents are often overwhelmed.

Times you absolutely need your DD-214 form:

  • VA Mortgage Loans - Offered by approved lenders and backed by the U.S. Dept. of Veterans Affairs, VA home loans exist not only to help veterans buy or build homes at competitive interest rates, but they can also mean no down payment, no private mortgage insurance premium and help from the VA in case of hardship. But you can’t obtain the C.O.E. (Certificate of Eligibility) needed to qualify for a VA loan without your DD-214. While you’re waiting weeks or months for it to arrive after ordering it for free using eVetRecs, your dream home could be moving on without you.
  • Veterans Preference (Employment) - Disabled veterans or those who served on active duty during specified periods or campaigns may receive hiring preference in nearly all government jobs, while many private sector businesses also give veterans preferential treatment.But if can’t prove you’re a veteran or you’re competing with other veterans who can produce what you can’t, chances are you’re going to be pounding the pavement again before long.
  • Military Funerals, Cremations and Burials at Sea - A military honors funeral is the right of every honorably discharged veteran and, depending on a veteran’s status at time of death, cash allowances for burial, cremation or burial at sea may also be available.Truly, this is one time waiting should not be an issue, but even though the National Archives does have an "emergency service" available through phone or fax, wait times are often long and forms can still arrive days or weeks after they are needed.

Obviously, there are times when being in possession of your DD-214 is crucial. And don’t forget about less important, but still meaningful, benefits like discounts and memberships (VFW, American Legion, AMVETS, etc.) that require proof of service for qualification.

Is there any way to get my DD-214 faster?

You bet. We’re We were founded by veterans for veterans and we know how to locate and retrieve military records from the National Archives quickly and without hassle.

Our team of seasoned “personal advocates” go to bat for you, leveraging years of experience, uncommon tenacity, an intricate knowledge of the National Archives’ methods and a good measure of finesse.

We feature three tiers of service so you decide how quickly you’d like your records, which can even be delivered via fax or email. In fact, DD214Direct is so easy, you can take care of the entire transaction from your laptop or handheld device.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t let outstanding opportunities pass you by. Contact us to order your DD-214 today.