The VA Aid and Attendance (A&A) benefit is one of many benefits available only to veterans and military families, and it is especially important for older, ailing, and disabled individuals with limited financial resources. A supplement to VA pension benefits, A&A provides monthly payments to low-income veterans who are ill, bedridden, in a nursing home, visually impaired, or who require additional assistance with activities of daily living (ADLs) such as bathing, feeding, and dressing. Individuals with permanent disabilities who spend the majority of their time at home may also qualify for Housebound benefits, though the two benefits cannot be used simultaneously.

How do I know if I am eligible?

According to the VA website, veterans who are receiving a VA pension and meet at least one of the following requirements may be eligible for the A&A benefit:

  • You rely on another person to help you perform ADLs
  • You are bedbound or spend most of the day in bed due to illness
  • You reside in a nursing home due to loss of capacity resulting from a disability
  • You have limited eyesight (even with glasses or contact lenses)

Do I need to provide a DD214 to apply?

Yes. As with most veteran benefits, you will need to show proof of service and honorable discharge (or anything other than dishonorable discharge) to apply. If you do not have your DD214, or if you are applying for a family member who does not have their DD214, the team at DD214Direct can help you order an expedited copy. Due to coronavirus precautions, many government buildings, including dozens of National Archives buildings, are currently closed to help prevent the spread of infection. However, they are still servicing what they consider "urgent" requests for military service records, which may include requests related to the A&A benefit. DD214Direct remains open at this time and we are still the fastest way to get your DD214, OMPF, and other military service records. For urgent requests, please let our team know when you call us at 800.891.9285 or when you request your DD214 online.

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