If you asked a handful of service members why they joined the military, chances are you would get a variety of answers: a sense of duty to their country, a challenging job with great pay and benefits, the chance to travel the world. The truth is, time spent in service to the country has a lot to offer, even when those active duty years are behind you.

From home buying and mortgage assistance to education opportunities, health care benefits and special deals and discounts, veterans have a lot to look forward to after discharge. But in order to take advantage of those benefits, they will need some way of proving their military service.

While a DD214 or equivalent form—such as a DD256 for Reservists or an NGB22 for National Guard members—is often enough, veterans may also wish to request a copy of their OMPF, which stands for official military personnel file. It is also worth noting that the military only started issuing DD214s in 1950, so individuals whose service occurred before then will benefit from having a copy of their OMPF to show proof of service.

What is included in an OMPF?

An OMPF is a veteran’s primary administrative file, meaning it is a substantial collection of information pertaining to his or her service, accomplishments, personal conduct and more. It also contains personal data not included in a DD214. Specifically, the OMPF is where veterans will find the following information:

  • The date and type of enlistment/appointment
  • Duty stations and assignments
  • Any training or qualifications completed
  • Any awards or decorations received
  • Insurance information
  • Emergency data
  • Disciplinary action and administrative remarks
  • Details about separation, discharge or retirement (including a DD214)

Some OMPFs will also contain health care information documenting a veteran’s medical treatment while in the military. This includes regular physical exams, dental records, mental health treatment and outpatient procedures but does not include clinical treatment in which the individual was hospitalized. However, the practice of filing health records with personnel information ended in the 1990s.

Finally, OMPFs for members of the National Guard and the Reserves will also include their military points statements, which are used to calculate retirement pay. Points are accrued through active service and drill periods as well as through military coursework and training.

What is not included in an OMPF?

According to the National Archives website, the OMPF does not contain specific information about participation in battles or military engagements.

How can veterans request a copy of their OMPF?

Similar to requesting a copy of their DD214, veterans have a couple of options for obtaining a copy of their OMPF.

The National Archives eVetRecs system is where many veterans start when trying to locate their military service records. The problem is that the manual process requires them to print, sign, stamp and mail or fax a complicated application to a government building in St. Louis, Missouri—after which they could wait weeks or even months for their documents to be returned by mail. Fortunately, there is a faster and far more convenient option.

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